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HDPE Square Jar with Red Cap

  • Capacity: 500 Gram
  • Height: 7.5 Inches
  • Ground: 14 Inches

Minimum Order Quantity 500


HDPE square jars with caps are strong and resist chemicals. They have a square shape, which saves space and is good for stacking. Caps protect the products, making them useful for many things.

Advantages of the Square Jar Design:

  1. Space Efficiency: The square shape saves space during storage and shipping.

  2. Stackability: The flat sides let them stack well, reducing shipping costs.

  3. Enhanced Labeling: There is enough space for clear labels and branding.

Advantages of HDPE Square Jars with Caps:

  1. Durability and Chemical Resistance: They are good for different products like food, medicine, and cleaning stuff.

  2. Airtight Seal: The cap keeps the product fresh and safe.

  3. Customizability: They come in different colors and designs.

  4. Lightweight: They are strong but not heavy, saving shipping costs.

Applications of HDPE Square Jars with Caps:

  1. Food and Beverage Industry: Good for spices, sauces, and more.

  2. Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Products: Useful for medicine and medical creams.

  3. Personal Care and Cosmetics: Great for creams, lotions, and beauty products.

  4. Household and Cleaning Products: Efficient for detergents and cleaners.

Environmental Considerations:

  1. Recycling Initiatives: They can be recycled, which is good for the environment.

  2. Sustainable Sourcing: Using recycled or natural materials is better for the environment.

  3. Consumer Education: Teaching people to recycle helps the environment.

Challenges and Sustainable Solutions:

  1. Single-Use Plastics: Using things again or refilling them can reduce waste.

  2. Biodegradable Alternatives: Researching plastics that break down helps the environment.

  3. Eco-Friendly Caps: Using natural materials for caps is good for recycling.

HDPE square jars with caps are useful, strong, and good for the environment. They save space, keep things fresh, and can be recycled.


  • Capacity: 500 Gram
  • Height: 7 Inches
  • Ground: 13 Inches
  • Capacity: 1200 Gram
  • Height: 7 Inches
  • Ground: 13 Inches
  • Capacity: 500 Gram
  • Height: 7 Inches
  • Ground: 12 Inches
  • Capacity: 1000 Gram
  • Height: 7 Inches
  • Ground: 14.5 Inches