Reusable Ice Gel Packs for Medicine Transportation


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Securely transport medicines with our reusable ice gel packs, maintaining the required temperature range for optimal efficacy. Our eco-friendly solution offers long-lasting cold retention and cost-effective reusability, ensuring worry-free transportation. Enhance your pharmaceutical transportation with Plastocraft’s reusable ice gel packs.


Reusable ice gel packs tailored for pharmaceutical companies and distributors in Pakistan provide a reliable and customizable cold chain solution. Plastocraft offers these specialized gel packs to ensure the safe transportation of sensitive pharmaceutical products while maintaining temperature control.

Features and Benefits

Efficient Temperature Control: Our reusable ice gel packs effectively regulate temperatures, preserving pharmaceutical products within the required temperature range during transit. They efficiently absorb and release heat, ensuring the safe storage and transport of temperature-sensitive medications.

Durability and Longevity: Crafted from high-quality materials, our ice gel packs are durable and built to withstand repeated use. They offer cost-effectiveness and sustainability, enduring the demands of the pharmaceutical supply chain without compromising performance.

Customizable Sizes and Shapes: Recognizing diverse packaging needs, we provide customizable sizes and shapes for our gel packs. Whether you require small packs for vials or larger ones for bulk shipments, we can tailor our products to meet your specific requirements. This flexibility optimizes space and enhances efficiency in your cold chain logistics.

Ease of Use and Rechargeability: Our reusable ice gel packs are designed for convenience. They are user-friendly and recharge quickly, minimizing downtime in your cold chain operations. Simply follow the instructions for freezing, and the packs will be ready to maintain reliable temperature control during transportation.

These specialized ice gel packs from Plastocraft offer pharmaceutical companies and distributors in Pakistan a dependable solution for maintaining the integrity of their products throughout the cold chain process.


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