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HDPE Jar 786 with Seal Cap

  • Capacity: 1000 Gram
  • Height: 8 Inches
  • Ground: 14 Inches

Minimum Order Quantity 500


The “HDPE Jar 786 with Seal Cap” is a special container for different products. It’s strong and can handle rough handling. This container is made from a material called high-density polyethylene (HDPE), which is known for being tough and not easily harmed by chemicals. It has a unique design and a strong cap that keeps the products safe.

What's Good About the HDPE Jar 786 with Seal Cap

  • Tough and Doesn’t Break Easily: The HDPE Jar 786 can take a lot of knocks and bumps without breaking.

  • Stands Up to Chemicals: It doesn’t get hurt by chemicals, so it keeps the products inside safe.

  • Safe and Sealed Tight: It has a cap that seals very tightly, so the products stay fresh and don’t spill out.

  • You Can Make It Your Own: The HDPE Jar 786 with Seal Cap comes in different sizes, shapes, and colors, so companies can make it look the way they want.

  • Good for the Planet: This container can be recycled, which helps us take better care of the Earth by making less plastic waste.

Where You Can Use the HDPE Jar 786 with Seal Cap

You can use this container in many different industries:

  1. Food and Drinks: It’s great for things like jams, honey, sauces, and pickles. The cap keeps the food fresh.

  2. Personal Care and Beauty: It’s used for creams, lotions, and beauty products. The tight seal makes sure they stay good.

  3. Medicine and Healthcare: It’s strong and doesn’t react with medicines, so it’s perfect for packaging pills and creams.

  4. Cleaning Stuff: Companies that make cleaning products like detergents and dishwashing liquids like using this container because it’s strong and the seal cap keeps the product inside safe.

What "786" Means

In some places, like South Asia and the Middle East, the number “786” is seen as something very special. It’s thought to bring blessings, success, and protection. When you see “786” on the HDPE Jar, it means that the product is very good and special.

Taking Care of the Environment

  • Recycling: It’s important to recycle these containers so we can use them again instead of making new ones. This helps keep our planet clean and healthy.

  • Using Eco-Friendly Materials: We can make labels and caps from materials that are good for the Earth.

Fixing Problems and Making Things Better

  • Cutting Down on Single-Use Plastics: We need to use these containers more than one time to help the environment. We can also use containers that can be filled up again.

  • Biodegradable Containers: Researchers are working on making containers that can break down in the environment and don’t cause problems.

  • Earth-Friendly Packaging: We can use materials that don’t hurt the planet for things like labels and caps.

In Conclusion

The HDPE Jar 786 with Seal Cap is a container that is strong, safe, and looks good. It can be used for many different products in different industries. It helps us keep our products fresh and safe. We need to be careful with the environment and recycle these containers to keep our planet healthy. It’s time for us to work together to make packaging that is good for the Earth and the people who use it.


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  • Ground: 13 Inches
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