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Reusable Ice gel Pads for Medicinal Transport

Minimum Order Quantity 500


Innovative Cooling Comfort

The Ice Gel Pad stands out as an innovative cooling solution, engineered to offer unparalleled comfort and relief from heat. Embedded with an advanced non-toxic gel, which retains its pliability even when frozen, this pad provides a remarkably efficient cooling therapy across various applications.


- Super Cool Technology

Inside, there’s smart cooling stuff that quickly makes things less hot. It stays squishy when frozen so it fits on your body or things.

- Bends and Moves

This gel pad is not stiff when frozen, so it bends and moves with you. It’s safe for everyone to use.

- Strong and Lasts Long

The gel pad is tough and won’t easily break. It’s good to use again and again without losing its cool power.

- Easy as ABC

To use it, just put it in the freezer for a bit. Then you can use it to feel nice and cool.

- Fits Everywhere

This gel pad is good for lots of things – when you’re too hot, hurt a bit, or need to relax. It works at home, in hospitals, and for sports too.

Recommended Uses:

    • Personal Comfort Elevated: Find solace in the gel pad’s soothing embrace, as it quells discomfort arising from sunburns, hot flashes, or fever, offering immediate respite when applied to the afflicted area.

    • Medical Marvel: Healthcare professionals champion this pad for post-operative pain management, inflammation reduction, and muscle strain relief. Its adaptable nature ensures a conforming fit to the body’s contours.

    • Athlete’s Companion: Athletes seamlessly incorporate the gel pad into their recovery regimen, combating sore muscles and inflammation. It further serves as a cold compress for acute injuries.

    • Therapeutic Haven: For those grappling with headaches, migraines, and minor discomforts, this pad doubles as an effective cold compress, offering therapeutic comfort.

    • Edible Oasis: Beyond personal use, envision this pad supporting outdoor events and picnics, adeptly preserving the chill of food trays and beverage containers.

Minimum Order Quantity:

We specialize in business-to-business (B2B) providing a minimum order of 500 ice gel pads. This suits retailers, distributors, medical centers, and other enterprises in search of a top-notch cooling fix. The Ice Gel Pad is a versatile tool, offering comfort and relief in different situations. With advanced cooling, flexible design, and safe gel, it’s a great addition to your products, ensuring happy customers who come back for more.


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